An Introduction To Accesso Events

Cecilia Cai & Amanda Sousa,
January 18, 2020
Accesso is a youth-run not-for-profit organization that primarily focuses on providing service to a marginalized community in Toronto. The Accesso team tries to create an inclusive space for people with in-accessibilities. Accesso strives to bring awareness through our social media and online presence. Accesso creates many opportunities for many young, inspiration-driven individuals. From when it was established, Accesso has done an amazing job hosting a variety of events. Most recently, Accesso hosted a Youth Panel which created much impact among young entrepreneurs. On August 20th, 2020, Accesso partnered with HayaHelps, a humanitarian not-for-profit organization to host a virtual youth panel with five inspirational, young leaders. We had the honour to listen to Abby Leu, CEO and co-founder of Accesso Canada, Haya Khan, founder and CEO of HayaHelps, Abby Barbosa, CEO and co-founder of the Gift of Life project, Galiya Vendrov, CEO and founder of Youth of Canada, and Naveed Bhuiyan, CEO and founder of PVRD. We also had the honour to invite Sam Demma, the CEO and co-founder of PickWaste, as well as the CEO and founder of High Performing Students as MC and host for this event. 

With the diligent effort of the entire Accesso team, Accesso’s sought impressive growth and improvement from where it started. This was Accesso’s first virtual event but the events team organized the evening nicely. The event had a successful turnout and reached over a hundred aspiring youth entrepreneurs. Considering the short period to organize and advertise, both the events and marketing department did extraordinary work to reach the grand range of audiences. Accesso was able to inspire the nearly 100+ people who attended our event to find their passions and motivate them to work towards their goals. As well, the money earned from donations will be dedicated to ameliorating the local accessibility community. The purpose of the Youth Panel was to leave attendees inspired to reach their personal goals along with building awareness of the different non-profit organizations that are present in the local communities. Aside from gathering valuable entrepreneurial information, our attendees also had multiple chances to walk away from the event with prizes! We played two games, Kahoot and Guess the Song, where our attendees were able to network and interact with the guest speakers and other audiences! We had two lucky winners receive gift cards provided by Accesso and HayaHelps, as well as an additional third winner of our raffle who received a HayaHelps water bottle and an Accesso keychain. By sharing their stories and communicating great advice, the attendees were able to leave the event being more knowledgeable and hopefully inspired. 

Takeaways from this event
We have also concluded some takeaways from hosting this event to be more adept at organizing future events. Firstly, we would like to start informing and advertising to potential audiences earlier in the event planning stage to reach a broader range of demographics. That would potentially bring a word-of-mouth effect in advertising. This could result in more people sharing the event details with their social circle, which will increase the turnout. We could also like to post more details and promotions about the event on our social media accounts to inform the attendees what they will gain by attending. The fundings and donations we obtained from this event will be invested and distributed intelligently in developing new ways to ameliorate the local accessibility community by hosting future events. 

Future Events
Accesso is looking forward to some of our future events for awareness, including an upcoming Game Night and a Scenario Case Competition. We encourage all participants to join us for our future events to come. Winners for the games night will be awarded prizes and will get to meet and interact with new people while learning about Accesso Toronto. As we move forward, Accesso will be hosting lecture events to create awareness for our cause and to further educate others on our values and how they can help. There will be more just-for-fun events, like movie nights and creative socials. There will also be knowledge-based events, like professional seminars where we would invite guest speakers to share their experiences and knowledge on particular topics and different fields. This will be beneficial to meet new people and get familiar with the social dynamics of Accesso. Furthermore, Accesso will incorporate a workshop that aids in enlarging the user base of our organization. It would also dedicate to establishing a more hands-on experience for audiences to learn and inquire about what it is like to work in the accessibility industry. 

Overall, our very first virtual event was incredibly successful and we look forward to hosting many more future events! Accesso is anticipating continued growth and creating greater awareness for what we stand for. We will be announcing more events to come shortly as we hope to reach more individuals to further encourage, empower and inspire. Stay tuned!