Improve Your Store

Learn from a professional on what it takes to make your store accessible.

Why change?

It is vital that each time your staff is designing the layout of a store or making any major changes that the staff responsible keep in mind the needs of all customers. Here we have a few improvements you can make to your store to ensure your store consistently accommodates for all customers. Want to check if your store is completely accessible? If you are a part of a large mall within the GTA you can check our ratings or you can review your store with our accessibility rubric. Feel free to contact us for more info/help!

Change Rooms

Most stores think their change rooms are accessible since a wheelchair can fit into it. However, often times the door swings in and cannot close when someone with a wheelchair is inside.

1.  Changing the hinges to have doors
    open outwards  
2.  Replace the doors with heavy      weight curtains


Many overlook the layout of their stores when thinking about accessibility, especially sharp corners. The average width of a wheelchair is 32 inches.

Generally, if you can walk through an aisle with your elbows up without any clothes touching you on either side, it is big enough for a wheelchair, but measuring will help provide much more accuracy.


If your store has a door in its entrance, it is vital that there firstly is a button and most importantly that it is working at both the entrance and the exit.